About STLZstone

We are engage in telephone and Internet contact, call center operations, information technologies and management, telecommunications, sales, customer service, HR and Finance efforts. Our team is consist of 100% highly trained agents which can do both inbound and outbound., 80% of our agents are experienced agents and most of them have been working in Call Center Business for more than 2 years. They are highly trained in customer service accounts (TECHNICAL SUPPORT, BILLING AND COLLECTION, also CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE AND INBOUND UP SELLING).

Technology Specialization

Can provide digital marketing & branding services for tourism development of the state

Zoho CRM tool used

Has self service analytics for various analysis

Can create brand building expertise through our partners.

Provide a CRM centre through our 1-800 & real-time chatting facilities

Customer Connect Centre

  • Inbound Calls
  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Mail
  • Outbound Mail
  • Chat Service
  • Digital Branding & SEO operations

Back Office Management

Billing & Accounting
  • Billing generation & Maintenance
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Collections
  • Voucher Management
  • Payroll Management
HR Services
  • Recruitment Management
  • Joining data management
  • Exit data Management
  • Background Verification
  • Documents Management
  • Training Management

Survey & Inspection Management

  • Survey questionnaire creation
  • Survey Planner
  • Field personnel management
  • Reports & Analytics


  • Web based Call centre technology helps small companies to have BPO with very minimal or no investment.
  • Improvement of the revenue yield per room, across lean and peak seasons.
  • Intelligent identification of seasonality of demand, and suggestions for price adjustments and promotions

Working Model

  • We normally do our BPO work through our partners like Rural Shore Bangalore & Parameter Systems, Odisha
  • Those are Rural BPO’s operate at Block or Divisional HQ.
  • Our partners get employment to people with low cost model.
  • We are operating at Jalewsar (Bengali Call centre for Vodafone), MSME contact centre at Bhubaneswar etc.